Driver Trainee (Dock)

Job Summary
Safely handle and maneuver tractor/trailers and other large equipment to facilitate the loading and unloading operations in the yard
Properly cube, load and unload freight using a forklift, pallet jack, hand truck or by hand
Strap, brace and secure freight to prevent damage or shifting
Responsible for accurately recording the condition of freight as it arrives at the terminal
Perform pre-shift and post-shift inspections of the yard and dock equipment
Accurately set up, break down and hook trailers safely
Ensure all pup trailers have tilt bar to be lowered prior to loading of freight
Raise and lower landing gear
Monitor yard for unsafe drivers and non-employees; report to management
Work in outdoor weather conditions
Promptly report all maintenance problems to Fleet Services and/or supervision
Work the dock a minimum of five hours per week in addition to work in the yard as a jockey/hostler
Scan the Kronos clock and indicate dock versus jockey time for tracking purposes
Regular attendance is required.
This is not an all-inclusive list of job requirements and/or duties and may not contain all mental and physical capabilities necessary to perform the job at all times due to circumstances. Operational, safety and other needs may require the employee to perform any and all other duties as assigned. Employees are expected, and must be able to perform all such duties and tasks.
High School Diploma or General Educational Degree (GED), or any combination of education and experience, which would provide an equivalent background
90 days active full-time dockworker who has worked with Estes for a minimum of 90 days
Must be able to handle the duties assigned for the driver trainee program
Must be 21 years of age required per FMCSA regulations
Must have an outstanding performance record with Estes (not limited to, but in no instance should there be a final written warning within the previous 90 day period or show a pattern or progression of continued disciplinary action)
Must have and maintain an acceptable MVR. Disqualifying offenses can include (but are not limited to) DUI, DWI, possession of narcotics/controlled substances, reckless driving, etc.
Must gave a valid drivers' license and willing to obtain a CDL Learners permit when notified he/she has been accepted to driving school
Must meet the minimum physical qualifications for a driver position
Ability to operate a forklift (minimum 7,500 lb. vehicle)
Must be able to push or pull a loaded pallet jack and/or hand truck with a minimum load of 70 lbs.
Physical activities include: standing, lifting, twisting, turning, climbing a ladder, etc.
Night / weekend shifts may be required
Must pass the FMCSA physical before attending driving school
Must pass a FMCSA pre-employment drug screen before attending driving school
Must agree to the driving school agreement
Must enroll in the next available Estes sponsored driving school for the respective region
Must be familiar with state motor vehicle laws and FMCSA rules and regulations
Ability to meet the FMCSA's requirements to speak and read English
Must be able to comply with all company policies, rules, procedures and Code of Conduct
Must be able to interact well with others
Must be able to work independently, or in a team setting
Must be capable of working under tight time constraints in a high volume environment with multiple priorities
Responds well to questions; Ability to read, interpret and comply with written information and documents such as safety rules, operations / procedure manuals and maintenance instructions with a high comprehension and concentration level to include the ability to meet deadlines
Must pass a pre-employment drug screen, random drug and/or alcohol tests, and will be subject to a criminal history background check
Must be authorized to work in the United States
Must pass a road test
Must work with driver trainer for a minimum of 4 weeks
Applicants from Company approved external Driving Schools should be changed to the Apprentice job code (42304DAP) once they begin training with an Estes trainer as approved by Safety.
Must successfully obtain a CDL with doubles, tank and hazmat endorsements within the required timeframe
Upon approval from Safety and Operations, the driver trainee will be eligible to post for an open local driving position
If at this time, the driver trainee does not post for an open local driving position, he/she may be reclassified as a dockworker and may be awarded the pay rate commensurate with the dockworker position and his/her eligible length of service with Estes
Progression to other driving positions will be dependent on performance and driving experience

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